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"What is FISH WITH A STORY from ABALOBI? Fish With A Story – powered by Abalobi – is fully traceable, premium quality, local seafood harvested responsibly by small-scale fishermen and fisherwomen using low-impact fishing methods. This seafood is supplied directly to our restaurant via the digital Abalobi Marketplace, and every order comes with a unique traceability QR code to learn what species it is, where and how it was caught, and importantly by whom! When next you join us for a meal, be sure to ask for the Abalobi QR code and to read the story behind the fish."
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Back Area Gardens was started in 2009 by Margot Neser. They are organic vegetable micro-farmers situated in Oude Molen Eco Village, bringing fresh organic food to the suburbs as conveniently as possible. Organic produce is brought to you from small independent farmers around the Western Cape. This ranges from organic dairy products, flour, free range poultry, fresh, pasture- reared meats, coffee and teas to a variety of condiments.
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It’s a family affair with Baden, brother Brandon and mom Magda. Giving small scale farmers a platform to sell their produce and support their community. Their ethos is “know your farmer, know your food”
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After a decade plus of NGO and public health work, Iming realized that her desire to work in socially and environmentally meaningful fields that challenged her brain and brought her outdoors, could be satisfied by turning a lifelong hobby into the vocation of farming. At Meuse in the Hout Bay Valley below the back slopes of Table Mountain, Iming and her team farm speciality veg and herbs using organic principles.
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Headed by Bertie and his team, Lowerland is a mixed organic farm on the banks of the Orange River near Prieska in the Northern Cape who produce soil-to-soul products and deliver it straight to the end consumer. They grow a basketful of nutritious, wholesome farm food including pastured meat, nuts, grains, wine and vegetables in a holistic, biodiverse ecosystem with the goal of regenerating the land, the social environment and the customers who share the journey.
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De Veluwe Werf is a small almond farm on the slopes of the Voor Paardeberg, Paarl and headed by Stefan & Anria Boshoff. Home to Senqu River Almonds that form part of the Senqu River Nuts family.
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The restaurant reservation platform that drives growth and efficiency, Dineplan powers some of the world’s best restaurants with easy-to-use technology. Whether you're just opening your restaurant or have been in the "biz" for years, Dineplan can streamline your reservation process, grow your business and transform your guest experience. “The best part of what we do is working alongside South Africa's many amazing restaurants – both big and small. With just 18 seats, Reverie Social Table, who joined us back in 2016, may be our "littlest" restaurant, but Julia and her team put a lot of love into what they do and rake in 5-star diner reviews! Thank you for partnering with us, Julia." – Dineplan
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Peter and Francy Schoeman moved to Langbaken, Peter’s family farm in 2010. Francy had been making cheese on a small scale for a few years, so they decided to bring 10 Jersey heifers to the farm, with which to begin their cheese business. Langbaken Karoo Cheese is artisanal and handcrafted using traditional farmhouse methods.